10 Steps To Internet Success For Realtors

You’ve probably heard of the huge marketing potential of the internet. NAR published a statistic that 70% of real estate transactions start on the web. Isn’t it time you got more familiar with the internet and its power to help your real estate business? But where do you start?

1. Get Control of Your Website. A webpage attached to your broker’s website is not adequate to generate passive web traffic you need to make the most of web marketing. Your broker’s webpage draws traffic to the broker, and to all the agents in your office. Your webpage should only highlight you. Plus, you cannot configure your broker webpage the way you need to in order to maximize your search engine effectiveness.

2. Get Connected. While relevant outgoing links make your site more valuable to the visitor, high quality incoming links makes your site more valuable to search engine results. Get both! If you’re a member of a Realtor association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau or the local cooking club. Have all your affiliations link to your website from their website if possible. Don’t let this slide. Follow-up and make sure that all your associations are linking to you on their directory pages. It will make your page rise in the search engines so your customers can find you.

3. Keep At It. Marketing is not direct sales. There is a much longer cycle needed to gauge the success of your marketing endeavors in any capacity, web marketing notwithstanding. Give your web marketing efforts a chance to “soak in” to the internet. Before long, if you marketing consistently on the internet, your efforts will pay off. I guarantee.

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4. Network. A large part of internet marketing for real estate agents, Realtors and brokers deals with networking. Get connected with the major real estate networks such as realestateabc.com, realtor.com and other websites rich with people in your profession. Put your link on their websites. Also, look for Realtor blogs or forums sprinkled across the nation. Even if you post to a Realtor blog or forum in another state, it will benefit your search engine rankings wherever you are.

5. Get fresh content for your website. If your website isn’t getting repeat customers, it’s not your webmaster or web designer’s fault. If your website only contains stale content, it is obvious. Nobody will want to return. Spend a little extra to keep your website filled with cutting-edge content and people will flock to your site just to see what you have to say. Hire someone to keep your website updated if you don’t want to do it yourself.

6. Marketing Your Websites Offline. People will not automatically find your website just because you post it on the internet. You need to market your website locally and all over town. Put your web address on your business card, your email signature and most of all, put it on your lips as you tell the world to visit your website. Some are so brave as to put stickers on their car windows with their web address. (Do this at your discretion.)

7. Put Repetitive Info on Your Site. Put information that you always discuss with your clients such as closing procedures, mortgage payment calculators, closing cost configurations on your website to A. Keep from repeating it over and over to all your customers; B. Provide more service to your customers; C. Push up your search engine rankings. Even if the people who initially go to your website are already customers or not in the market to buy or sell a home, just having them on your website boosts your ranking because Google and Yahoo rank your website by how popular it is.

8. Develop an Email Program. According to the renowned web usability expert, Jakob Nielson, people respond well to email newsletters sent by companies. When we get a newsletter via email, we become “emotionally attached” to the companies that send them. This, of course, only works if the newsletter is “opt-in.” Only send your newsletter to those who volunteer for it. A enewsletter sent any other way is spam. People loathe spam.

9. Advertise Your Website with a Sign Rider. When people drive by a home that you have listed for sale and they see your sign, nowadays they are more apt to look up the house on the internet than to call you directly. Make it easy for them to find YOU and YOUR WEBSITE by posting your URL on a rider attached to your for sale sign. Generate more traffic, get further exposure to your website.

10. Prioritize Your Web Marketing Efforts. Marketing your real estate practice on the internet has its benefits. You can earn up to 30% more money per year through passive internet traffic if you spend just an hour per day getting your internet presence established. If you don’t have time, hire someone to take care of your website and other web marketing needs. Web marketing may even have more potential than print marketing as your web presence grows.

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