10 Ways To Get Your Readers Hooked To Your Blog

The best way to retain a constant flow of traffic to your blog is to get your readers hooked. Once you have a loyal bunch of readers who hang on your every word and can not wait for your next post, you can call yourself a successful blogger. So how do you get your readers hooked on your blog? These 10 quick tips will show you the way.

Get your readers hooked – Surprise Your Readers

People love the unexpected. Make yourself unpredictable by doing things differently once in a while. This could be taking a new direction, using video or just simply something you don’t normally do. This keeps people interested.

Get your readers hooked – Be Funny

Most bloggers are overly serious so being humorous can make your blog stand out. Blogs should be entertaining and not full and readers should not fall asleep reading your posts.

Get your readers hooked – Predict the Future

Occasionally you can use your knowledge to make some bold claims about the future related to your niche topic. People will take notice, particularly if you have some authority on the subject.

Get your readers hooked –Be Honest
People can pick a liar from a mile off; they can also pick those who are skirting around the truth. Telling the absolute truth is bound to gain attention.

Get your readers hooked –Tell Stories
People love stories and stories can put a lot of weight behind your posts. Think up some great short stories and post them once a month or so. People will look forward to these posts as part of your schedule.

Get your readers hooked –Break The News
If you can be the first to break a story, then your blog will be linked to like crazy. Stay on top of events to put yourself in this envious position.

Get your readers hooked –Use Pictures
Pictures can tell a thousand words. They can also be used to entertain. Why not find a funny picture to go with a special post once per week?

Disprove Facts
If other bloggers are all talking about a particular topic but you can prove its wrong, do it! Being controversial gains you attention.

Put Readers First
Readers want to feel special. Write for them and you will be rewarded.

Quality over Quantity
Rather than post 3 unexciting posts per day, cut down to a few times per week and make them longer, more interesting and well researched posts. These posts will stay around a lot longer than short, meaningless blog posts.

These ten hot tips are great ways to get your readers hooked to your blog as well as attract new readers.

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