Blog Commenting for Trafic

Blog commenting can be a hidden goldmine. Leaving blog comments on other popular blogs can bring extreme traffic to your own blog or web site.

There are several reasons why you should leave blog comments on related niche blogs. These include to encourage traffic to your own website by leaving your URL in the comment, by increasing the number of links back to your site and to establish yourself in the niche as an active expert. If you succeed at all three of these goals then blog commenting can result in more traffic than many other methods.

What is a good Blog comment?

It is no longer enough to leave very short, unhelpful comments on blogs with your URL. This is now seen as spam and as adding no value to the blog in question. In many cases, certainly on all good blogs, these short comments are not approved. That means you are completely wasting your time.

Instead your time should be spent thoroughly immersing yourself in the blog comment conversation. Most blogs now encourage discussion of a blog post or issue and this can go on for many days or even weeks. By continually adding your comments and linking to your site through your name, you will encourage reader to click through and hopefully subscribe to your blog too.

Track Your Blog Commenting Results

The best way to see if blog commenting is working for you is to check your website statistics. I use the free service Google Analytics for this.  Are any of the referring URL’s from blog comments you have left? If so, it is working well. Blog commenting has the ability to bringing traffic for many years, provided the blog stays online and comments are not deleted. When you look at it that way, it is very worthwhile taking time to write well thought out comments, almost mini articles in some cases.

Tips for Leaving Blog Comments

Your blog comments should be helpful and detailed. As mentioned, one liners simply don’t work anymore. The key is to find the line between getting to the point and providing just enough information for people to see that you know what you’re talking about and as such to gain curiosity as to what your own website or blog is about.

Rambling comments are not the way to go as people will skip through them. A comment of 100-150 words gives you enough space to make a counter argument or opinion and generate some more responses that you can too comment on in future posts.

Blog commenting is a highly effective traffic generation method and one that you should consider dedicating time to.

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