Blogs from a buyers point of view

One of the great things that we will see hopefully in the near future is Realtors posting all of their listings on their weblog. According to at least one buyer Realtors Need Weblogs. Why is it that buyers are looking for Realtor info and Realtors as cunning as they seem to be with marketing do not even try to get all of their listing on the internet besides the giant index that is MLS.

Here is what to do if you have a weblog now and want to post all of your listings. Create a post with the pertinent info: address, bedrooms, baths, square footage, picture, city, neighborhood, descriptive writeup and anything else that you find important and then copy and paste this as a sample for all other listings into a text file.

Now if you want to post a new listing you just have to upload the picture, take that text file make the changes to the listing text file and then copy and paste into a new weblog posting and voila you have another searchable listing on the internet. I am guessing that there is probably not one single other Realtor in your market using this method to increase the visibility of their listings

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