Landscaping for Realtors

One of the most visual elements of any home is the yard and gardens. They may seem to take a backseat to custom interiors and rooms but they play a huge role in a home's appeal. If you are selling your home now is a great time to improve the yard as the weather is fantastic. Keep in mind that the … [Read more...]

Realtor laptops

I think that there are a few things that you need to look at when you buy a computer and i am not sure if you really need one for real estate. I would just like to point out why you may not want to have a laptop. A laptop kills time. As useful as a computer is it distracts from your message. If … [Read more...]

10 tips to increase sales

I get a weekly email from Randy Charach about internet marketing and this week he had a list of how to catapult your sales. I liked the list although one of the items, offering discounts, is not allowed. See what you can glean from this list: 1. Swap endorsement advertisements with other web sites. … [Read more...]

Realtor Safety

I found the following great information on Realtor Safety from the city of Albuquerque. It is important because of the nature of the real estate business to be careful and to not put yourself in potentially dangerous situations. Real estate agents are, by the nature of their work, in a position to … [Read more...]

Selling homes in Iraq

I ran into this story in a newspaper from the Middle East where in some places property prices are the highest in the world and in other places, such as Iraq it is dangerous even to go on a showing. Sometimes buying and selling your house can be a pretty murky experience. But, as bad as the real … [Read more...]

Process and innovation

Process, the one thing that all people hate but the one thing that can make a difference between making a living and truly excelling. Seth asks, why are you afraid of process? and the answer seems to be the idea that it will stifle innovation. Really what we need to do is to keep our innovation … [Read more...]