Scheduling your online day

I was reading a post from Steve Reubel about how he plans his online day. Micro Persuasion: How I Work is a great little article that in about a minute shows you that using online resources you can be plugged in wether at work, home or in between. A couple of great bits from Steve is that he does … [Read more...]

Buying Leads

After writing about ways to get leads from search engine traffic a couple of days ago I realized that there is another way to get leads that I have never covered before and that is buying leads. I searched around and was able to eventually find some great information that I wanted to share. One of … [Read more...]

Home Values from Zillow

Zillow is a new web site that promises to tell you what your home is worth by you just inputting an address. We will see very soon how accurate the numbers are. Here is what Zillow says is the way that they compute home prices, called zestimates: How do we come up with the Zestimate? We compute … [Read more...]

Keys to Networking

INC Magazine did a story a couple of years ago about how to be a master networket and what it said then is just as valid as now for the offline world. Here is the link to the story and here are the highlights: Rule 1: Don't network just to network. Rule 2: Take names. Rule 3: Build it before you … [Read more...]

Flipping the funnel

Seth godin has done it again. He has released a new book called Flipping the Funnel. For most marketing people a new ebook being released is not anything new but in this case it is for two reasons. Firstly Seth Godin really gets it. His aim is to make sure that marketers do not lose sight of the … [Read more...]