Planning for the new year

Back in May I did a few posts about Realtor Planning. Now I have a more comprehensive planning system that I have put together in time for the new year. The new year is almost upon us and just like every year some people are excited about what next year has to offer and many more are not sure what … [Read more...]

Qualities of a great brand

Branding is a concept that large companies use to get the idea of their company impressed upon everyone so that just by looking at the logo or picture that the company brings an emotion will be evoked that will give you a good feeling about that company. In real estate a Realtor Branding Strategy is … [Read more...]

What to look for in a Realtor

I found this info at Just look at the questions and see how you stack up and in the second section think of how you would answer if asked these in a listing presentation. Which agency's ads or Web sites are the most appealing? Which agencies consistently feature virtual tours on their … [Read more...]

One from the weekend

I was going through new home projects on the weekend and ran into one salesperson that when I asked about a meat slaughterhouse going in in the area answered by saying "That's a bit of misinformation, it's actually a packing plant. It's up to you how you feel about it but it is the same thing as how … [Read more...]