Concentrating on a niche

OK now that you have a weblog, adwords account, focussed customer pulling website, it is time to make sure that people can also find your website in Google and the other search engines. The besy way to rank well in search engines is to be focussed on what you write. Start brainstorming articles and … [Read more...]

What readers want

Many Realtors do not have much expereince writing except for feature sheets and listing descriptions so when I say that you should write blog post often I know that many of you just glaze over and look for another idea. This is a mistake as writing can be both therapeutic for you as well as … [Read more...]

Loyal Blog readers matter

Why is it that I always find such good content on Seth Godin's blog? Seth wrote an article today about how the future is going to be the loyal reader of the blog. Seth's Blog: The noisy tragedy of the blog commons basically explains how when we have unlimited content and lots of noise(crap posts) we … [Read more...]

Getting Blogging ideas

We all know by now that a blog will make you seem more human in the eyes of your prospects. Being an idea magnet is a great way to get ideas for your blogging. In the highlighted article you will get a good plan from Liz Strauss. Another great way to get ideas for your blog is to read the series of … [Read more...]

Create your own content

I am as guilty of this as anyone. The idea of a weblog is that you need to be giving people contnet and that is why they visit. As we know the Blogosphere is Growing, But Is Anybody Reading?. This post brings up a very important fact and that is that there are a lot of posts that just say "look … [Read more...]

Blogs from a buyers point of view

One of the great things that we will see hopefully in the near future is Realtors posting all of their listings on their weblog. According to at least one buyer Realtors Need Weblogs. Why is it that buyers are looking for Realtor info and Realtors as cunning as they seem to be with marketing do not … [Read more...]