Adding content to your weblog

I know that often it is easy to forget to add content to your Realtor Weblog. The best way to remember to add content is to set a time and day and just put that time aside to add content. Let’s go through this process together and see if this will help you. Every day you likely carry around a … [Read more...]

New Realtor site…again

I have created another website. I know, I seem to be creating more sites than I am posting, but I thought this one would be important. Often when I am looking for Real estate information I have to go to two different sources, I go to web site and I also go to weblogs and news stories. I have found … [Read more...]

Continuing to blog

I have been adding info to some of my weblogs over the last couple of days and on one of my weblogs, Home Seller Tips I have decided to dump all of the home seller tips that I can think of in one spot and see how long I can go. This is a very fun thing to do as we all know the motivations and … [Read more...]

Top Ten Blog Design Mistakes

Quite often I think that my weblog is going well until I run into an article like the one below. Top Ten Blog Design Mistakes: Blog Tips at ProBlogger In looking at the list that Darren has created for design mistakes I find that I fail the Author Biography part, lack of a photo of myself, and … [Read more...]

New Home Seller Weblog

I have started a new home seller weblog and will be posting home seller tips to that weblog. I am not sure exactly what I will be doing with it in the end but some of the choosing a Realtor tips are going to help me in this weblog. How can a home seller weblog help here? Well if you can get into the … [Read more...]

Technorati tags

As I have always mentioned, it is a really good idea to have a weblog and to mpost on an ongoing basis. One of the best ways that people have for finding weblogs is to go to technorati. One of the great features of technorati is the taggging feature, the way that this works, and thatyou may have … [Read more...]