Realtor Video Tips

great post on TrakAx about how to use video in your Real Estate business. Using Video for Realtors Here are the highlights of Video for Realtors 1. video walkthroughs of listings for buyers 2. video slideshows for buyers 3. "Training" buyers and sellers 4. Explaining technical … [Read more...]

Blog Commenting for Trafic

Blog commenting can be a hidden goldmine. Leaving blog comments on other popular blogs can bring extreme traffic to your own blog or web site. There are several reasons why you should leave blog comments on related niche blogs. These include to encourage traffic to your own website by leaving … [Read more...]

Home Buyers finding houses on the internet

As we all know there are many more people  finding and researching their home buying decisions on the internet. In a new graph released by the National Association of Realtors as you can see to the left here there has been a giant swing over the last few years from researching using newspaper ads to … [Read more...]