Cheapest Web Host The Best?

If you are just starting out with your own website then it is very likely that you will be looking for the cheapest web host that you can find. Most people with just one website do not want to pay a lot of money for hosting, especially if it is a personal site or a small site for a non profit organization. So what are your options, and are there any dangers in picking the cheapest web host?

The Cheapest Web Host Is Free

If you are looking for hosting for just one website, then free may be even better than cheap! There are many free hosting possibilities these days and they have improved greatly since the early days of the internet. Some of the biggest internet players like Google and Yahoo offer sophisticated templates and web building tools that make creating your own space on the net a breeze.

The downside with free web hosting is that in most cases you cannot use your own domain name. You have to operate within their domain and it is clear to savvy visitors to your site that you have set up on free hosting. It may even carry an ad for the free host. This does not matter for most people’s personal sites but if you are in business, you may want a more professional looking solution.

Shared Hosting Packages

The cheapest web host alternatives to free sites are shared hosting packages where you host your site on a server along with many others. There is no disadvantage to this in terms of your image, because somebody looking at your site would not know.

You may find the cheapest shared hosting packages starting at around $3 per month. However, there can be problems with

Is Cheapest Web Host The Best?

If you are looking for the very cheapest web host, you may run into some problems. Most companies offering the very cheapest packages cut some corners on service. Some of the issues that you may have with a web host include downtime (when your site is not accessible) and poor support.

Good technical support is vital when you are operating a website. You will almost certainly have questions that you will want answered quickly and helpfully. Clearly, it can be expensive for a web host to hire the best support technicians. This is one area where many cheap web host companies cut corners, and it can result in a lot of frustration for you.

You may end up having so many problems that you will switch hosts. This means a lot of extra work and hassle. Moving your sites can be difficult, and usually results in some downtime while the DNS resolves to the new host.

You can do yourself a favor by avoiding the very cheapest companies in most cases. You can still get good shared hosting for just a few dollars more per month.

For example, Hostgator offers the Hatchling plan for just one domain with unlimited disk space and bandwidth starting from $4.95 per month. However, the next step up, the Baby package, is a better deal if you might want to host more than one site. For just $1 per month more, you can host unlimited domains. This is not the cheapest web host on the internet, but it is an inexpensive hosting company that we can fully recommend.

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