Day 2 of Realtor Internet Marketing Planning

Well, if you read the previous post then you have seen that maybe you have to finally define who you are as a Realtor. This should help you as you go on your way to setting up an online presence although you probably realize this already.

If you have defined what kind of real estate you sell as a Realtor then you are going to spend less time spinning your wheels on things that do not matter, look at it this way if you now spend 20 hours a week trying to forge into new markets just because they are high profile or popular but that work is going to take a long time to really realize then maybe you should be redirecting those 20 hours going after the untapped markets that are really more in line with your skills and talents….guaranteed you will enjoy it more and it will work out better in the end.

Now that you have seen what you want to go after it is time to look for websites that are more geared toward what you want. I have set up generic sites in the past but now more than ever this is not very efficient as every Realtor is then alike. You do not have to have a buyer page, seller page and referral page on your site.

Try to look for zeroed in pages for your site. Look at examples on Google by using the keywords that are important. You could start narrowing down your pages to specific neighborhoods, types of residences in your city or just think of reasons to have a page, maybe renovation experts in the community or community pools and rec facilities. Doing this by looking at webpages around North America through the eyes of a home buyer is a great way to define what they would like to see as opposed to what the broker wants to see from the salespeople in the office or what every Realtor thinks is important.

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