Day 3 of Realtor Internet Marketing Planning

It’s a beautiful Saturday out here and I think I am going to break this day up into a few parts.

I am not sure how many Realtors look at web sites of other Realtors, I did not do so that much over the last few years until about 6 months ago, guess what inspired me to create this site and weblog? Most Realtor created websites are full of the catchy things of the late 90’s, awards for web design, lots of colors, lots of banners and things that move around.

Most Realtor sites are created by Realtors themselves it seems. As an industry Real Estate seems to always be a do it yourself affair in everything related. Realtors create their own flyers, mailings, web sites and image. If there is one thing you should probably farm out for your business it should be web design. As you look at sites you are going to see lots that are like what I mentioned above and a very few that are incredibly professional.

In these planning days you should create your brand by defining what you want to project to the customer looking at your site. You can come up with the copy, the pages you want to have created and then find someone to create the site for you. I am always leery about coming up with who should create your site for you but I may change my mind before long. If anyone knows some good cheap designers please let me know.

Find more pages and things that you would like as a customer

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