Day 4 of Realtor Internet Marketing Planning

Well, this will be a bit of a tough post. I smashed one of my fingers cleaning a window, don’t ask, and am having a little bit of a tough time typing.

Today we get the strategy together for how you are going to get the first draft of your site together.

First go back and find out what you want to convey on the internet. Are you going to push yourself as a commercial or residential Realtor? Are you focussing on a neighborhood or series of neighborhoods or are you focussing on a particular type of dwelling or buyer/seller type?

Next thing is to come up with page types. As I look at it you will have a welcome page with a bio on yourself, other pages will be setup with the particular focuses that you have for your image to project.

For extras that you will want for your site maek sure that you have the following things that I will comment on in the next few days:
Email address on each page
Newsletter subscribe on every page

Next you will go to a web designer and make sure that they are going to create a site that lives up to your image. Make sure that you have the copy for them to insert and the fact and info for each of the content pages and then leave it to them to try to get a nice clean design. This pocess will take a little bit but we will have more things to look at as time goes on anyway.

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