Day One of Realtor Internet Marketing Planning

Sorry that I missed this planning stuff yesterday, apparently planning is not my strong suit right now.

The first most important thing to do when planning an internet strategy would be to set your priorities and try to find the focus of your message. To find your focus you have to stay away from the idea that you are a Realtor for everywhere for everything that comes up. Try to decide the following. Firstly, what is the geographic area that you are working in. Second, what is the difference between you and all of the other Realtors in your geographic area and what are the selling points of using you instead of someone else?

You are going to try to warp the first answer probably based on your history. Everyone wants to be opportunistic which means that you will try to go for the newly constructed area or new construction itself or some downtrodden area that will be hip soon. Really what you should be looking at is maybe a geographic area but more probably what you like to do, condos? First time buyers? People moving into town?

The second question is how you like to work and how that is different from the other Realtors in your area? Are you more attentive? Are you very analytical? Are you really good at working with old people or young people or the disabled?

I will expand on these as the day and week go on but this is the first that you will see how your focus as a Realtor is important when you are online

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