Five marketing and sales tips from Dan Kennedy

Here are 5 tips that I picked up from an email from Dan Kennedy, one of the best small business marketers there is.

1. Targeting the right group. Simply put, this is the most important factor in whether you succeed or fail in a marketing campaign. The eternal truth is that a mediocre marketing campaign targeted at the right prospects will often get excellent results. A great marketing campaign targeted at the wrong group of prospects will usually get poor results. The battle is won or lost with the selection of whom you are going to target.

2. Message to market match. You need to make sure the show you are selling to an organization is something that they want to buy. This may seem obvious but magicians make this mistake all the time. The tighter you can position your show to fit what your prospect wants, the better.

3. Lead generation. Getting prospects to “raise their hand” and request more information will make closing sales much easier and less time consuming. For almost every market, getting prospects to call you, write you, fax you, or email you for more information is far superior to cold calling or mailing your sales literature to a list of “cold” prospects.

4. Get more business and more money from your current clients. Most business owners are so focused on getting new clients that they neglect to “mine” all the gold from their current clients. Selling more to your current clients is far easier and less costly than trying to get new clients. I know someone who earns over one million dollars a year with, get this, just two major clients.

5. Multi-step follow-up. When someone requests information, how many times do you follow-up? Studies have shown that it takes six calls on a prospect before a sale is closed. Are you contacting your leads six times? I prefer to contact my leads with a series of direct mail pieces, but another good strategy is to mail-call-mail-call-mail-call.

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