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A few months ago, a year ago actually, I finished up my Realtor Internet Marketing Book and put it up for sale. Now times are changing of course but I as I was looking a couple of days ago I realized that the book that I had all but forgotten is still very relevant, so I have decided to start to give it away to the subscribers of my newsletter.

I have spent the last couple of days making some changes to the book, updating some info and now I believe that it is all complete. If you would like a copy of the book all you need to do is visit the Realtor Marketing book website at

Have you forgotten what was in the book? I was reminded as well and now that I have looked more closely I realize that I should have probably broken it up in more pieces at the outset, Here are the Realtor Marketing Book chapters

Finding your target market online – You need to focus even more online to find your market then you do offline

Search engine Optimization – Get more people to your site by making sure that the search engines, including Google, know what you page is about

Blogs – Blogs, if done right, are a great way to get people to know your and get more visitors

Websites – It is time to get your website to work for you instead of just look good.

Social Networking – Social Networking is a new and exciting way of getting the word out about your site.

Autoresponders – If someone is interested in buying or selling, then you want to build the know, like, and trust that will keep them with you. That is what an autoresponder can do for you.

Promotion – There are some great ways to promote your internet presence. Lots of people want you to spend lots of money but there are many inexpensive or even FREE ways to promote yourself online.

Newsletters – Do you have a newsletter? Do you wonder why you would need an online newsletter.

Everything that I wrote I wrote from the angle of an internet marketer instead of just from my Realtor background so although you will recognize some of the terminology a lot of it may be a a bit foreign to you…this is of course fine.

Go to the Realtor Internet Marketing Book website and get the book now.

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