Get more real estate business from a great headline

The headline is the piece of the page that the user sees first and makes the decision to go farther down the page or click away. Think about what you do when you see a page. The firstthing you look for in a headline is something that will hook you and that is a benefit although we all seem to be trying to sell features. Remember that you are trying to get the interest of the web user not selling them at the point of the headline. If your headline is good you will be able to keep the customer otherwise the customer will just disappear to another page.

A successful headline should highlight a problem your target audience faces and this will keep the buyer reading the main benefit of using you as a Realtor for the information in that page.

An example for a bad healine would be “Buyer Information” or “I am a Great Buyer Agent”. The better headline would say “10 things to Remember when Buying a House For The First Time” or “The Fears That The first Time Buyer Faces”

More things to think about in the headline are:

1. Ask a Question. “Are you worried about interest rates rising?” A question headline gets the reader to answer in their mind. You automatically get the prospect involved in your message. Many people will read further into your letter, ad, or web site copy just to find out what answer or solution you provide.

2. Start your headline with “How to.” “How to Buy a New Home” How to headlines work like magic. Almost all my articles start with “how to.” People love information that shows them how to do something valuable. It works for reports or letters that provide helpful information.

3. Provide a testimonial. The recommendation of a satisfied customer can go a long way in convincing others to buy from you. “This Realtor is the best we have ever used! I’m happier and less stressed. Marina Monson-Central City.” Always include the customer’s full name and the city they live in. Many readers won’t believe a testimonial where it’s hard to figure out who the author is. “R.A.,LA” doesn’t work nearly as well as “Richard Allen-Big Town, LA.”

4. Issue a command. Some classic headlines command readers to “Aim Higher” and “Put a tiger in your tank.” Turn your most important benefit into a commanding headline. “Stop Running Around Looking.” “Buy Before The Fall.” “Move Up Now”

5. Important news makes a good headline. This particularly works well for big changes in your company or the introduction of hot new products. “Home Sales Are Up 20% over Last Year” “Internet Buyers are Still Looking for a Great Realtor” (Make sure the sales copy makes you that realtor thay are looking for)

6. Headline a deadline for a special offer. Most of us are busy and tend to put off taking action. If you don’t get the prospect to act now, you may never get the sale. “Save Money Now” and “Get More If You Buy Now” offers increase response.

7. FREE offers often pull the best response. free reports are a powerful way to get lots of interested prospects. There is a myth that affluent or professional customers are turned off by free offers. Not true. Simply tailor your free offer to match the style of your customers.

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