Getting more links to your website or blog

I was reading a Copyblogger article about linking which brings up some very interesting ideas about links and how they can be gotten.

First of all it seem like Realtor Websites may have a tough time getting links. Sure there are other industries that are much easier such as the guys selling no money down courses or the home renovation sites that offer tutorials for the guy fixing his own plumbing but Real Estate sales is different isn’t it?

You mat find that adding articles that will shock and awe people may work but realistically to have long term articles that people will want to link to your content you have to think of three things.

1. Why would the linker possibly link to this page? Is it interesting to his readers? Will it make her look good to the public?

2. How good do you look as a source? Is this info well written does it have facts that are hard to find otherwise?

3. Is this interesting to the world as a whole? Is the info timely as a news story? Is there some slant and editorial content that expands on a story that you are giving to others compared to the rehashing of the same real estate stats that others quote without content?

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