Google Adwords Changes in Place Today

As we have expected for a few weeks now the Google Adwords bidding system has changed today. If you go in and look at your account you will see that some of your keywords are still active but some are now incactive with a minimum bid to activate them.

The reasoning behind the Google Adwords changes is that it is up to the advertiser to decide if they want a low quality keyword to be active by paying more per click. I am not sure how well Google has done with these new Adwords changes as I had some very good performing keywords that I was bidding 8 cents a piece over the last month and now Google wants we to pay 13 cents per click to keep these Adwords keywords active.

At this point the best strategy is to look back at the number of click thoughs over the last month and then activaye some of the better keywords and leave the rest inactive for now.

One very important thing to do is to make sure that you make your Adwords changes TODAY as there will be a bit of a lag as some people have their keywords inactive and you can scoop for clicks over the nextr week as people miss the oppourtunity.

As for your Google Adwords that are not inactive we will see over the next few days if we can drop the prices for great targeted keywords and pay Google a little less, of course I will let you know immediately how you should strategize as soon as I get good info for you

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