Google Adwords Content Network book

I was just reading a relatively new book called AdWords 180. The idea behind AdWords 180 is that when you use Google AdWords you will usually use the search network only. This means that all of your ads will be shown on Google and its partners but not on the regular adsense network which is just peoples websites. The reason that you do not want the ads showing up on peoples websites is that sometimes people will be involved in click fraud or some other method of trying to cheat the Google AdWords system and it is just easier to skip it.

The Author of AdWords 180 has looked at this now very overlooked part of the Google AdWords system and has found some very sneaky ways to take advantage of all of those content sites by targeting your ads to individual sites. This is the future of AdWords but at the same time it is so underutilized that you can really take advantage of some really great strategies.

The only drawback to AdWords 180 is the price. The ebook is $97 which would seem like a lot to some people but the methods in here can actually get your per click price down to 2 to 10 cents per click which is just incredible. Right now with some of the AdWords campaigns that I run the price per click on the Google search network is about 20 to 40 cents and that is because I have worked hard to get the relevence and targeting just right to get a great price.

I would like to recommend AdWords 180 but please be aware that the cost may be too much for you to absorb. To perhaps make the purchase a little bit more palatable I am willing to make this offer. If you buy Adwords 180 then send me an email and I will send you a copy of my Realtor Marketing on the Internet book free, as you probably know my Internet Marketing for Realtors book is currently $19.95 but it is a hell of a bargain with over 100 tips to help you attract buyers and sellers from the internet not only from your area but help with finding people from other areas moving to your city as well.

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