Google Page Rank update underway

I just saw a couple posts mentioning that Google is updating their PageRank. A PageRank update happens about four times a year and is greeted with great excitement by the geeks that follow search engine marketing.

There is a link in the following article by Darren on the meaning and importance of Google PageRank. Also the article l have linked to includes a tool that will let you check your PageRank now.

Google PR Update Underway: Blog Tips at ProBlogger

To view the PageRank of ant page that you visit the easiest way is to go to Google and pick up the Google Toolbar. If you have not used the Google Toolbar before you are in for a nice surprise. After installation the Google Toolbar will site always in your Internet Explorer and when you visit a page it will show the PageRank of that page which is the importance that Google gives to the page. Other features in the Google Toolbar are: a search bar to Google right from the toolbar, in the options you can put information so that with one click you can autofill forms, and also with the information button you can drill down and get information for the page that you are on.

Besides just PageRank, I use the Google Toolbar everyday and really like the features it gives me.

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