Great example of a Realtor Press release

Press releases are a popular and effective way to get the word out about a new product or a service. I have looked at many press releases in the past and some are really great, while others are just OK. Here is an example of a great press release.

Local Tampa Bay Realtor Uses Innovative Strategy to Sell in Tough Market –

So why is this press release a good one and why should you use it as a model? Well what this Realtor is offering is a multimedia web type service for promoting properties online. The service is a great one to promote online as the people reading this type of press release would be interested in the use of technology to sell their home so it feeds right into the buying cycle. Another reason that this is a good press release for a Realtor is that it is written in the third person making it look like Rande is being interviewed and it leads a little bit into being a marketing piece by the end.

Press releases are very powerful and one of the reasons that they can work well for your business is that when a press release is picked up by Google it can show up in the top of the listings for your city and town in the search engine rankings, this is a situation that is impossible to get otherwise without a lot of work or money.

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