How To Become a Power Agent in Real Estate

How To Become a Power Agent in Real EstateIn my work creating an online marketing for Realtors book I am always interested in what other authors are writing about or have written about for Realtor marketing. I came across this book at amazon and thought I would quickly post it here for you to check out if you are looking for some offline reading material.
The realtor’s essential guide to harnessing true earning power How to Become a Power Agent in Real Estate gives real estate agents both the powerful sales techniques and the practical management tips they need to double their income by closing more transactions. Based on the outstanding success of Darryl Davis’s seminar “The POWER Program,” this motivational guide utilizes POWER Principles to help the new agent as well as the experienced top producer dramatically increase listings and sales. The book is full of Davis’s surefire methods for managing the sales process, including time management for agents, prospecting for listings, handling the seller’s and buyer’s concerns, maintaining a winning attitude, and generating more sales in less time. He also reveals how clever use of the Web can provide a competitive edge and how the top producers work smarter not harder. Offering field-proven tools and techniques, Davis shows agents how to progress at their own pace to their own personal Next Level and accelerate their entry into Top Agent status.

Reviewer: William M. Rooney (Sparks, NV United States)
As a real estate professional and knowing that most how-to-do-it books rarely tell it like it really is, I was skeptical when purchasing this book; however, it quickly became apparent that the writer knew what he as talking about! The book is a “must have” for anyone in real estate whether they have been an agent for a month or 10 years. It is written in plain english and effectively outlines ways to make money in the real estate business. I feel so strongly that this book can make a huge and positive influence on real estate agents, I have placed the book in my office and agents sign it out for a week at a time. I also brief passages in the book at my weekly Business Meetings. A very superbly written book!

Reviewer: D. Bohack “isaywegetnaked” (Yorba Linda, Ca United States)
I just bought this book not even 2 days ago and I am already more than halfway through it. I cant put it down. This is the first real estate book I have actually WANTED to go and sit down and read for 2 hours at a time. Its a very easy read and it has some amazing advice in it. I can’t wait to try and put it to good use. I highly recommend this book if you’ve got tons of other real estate books sitting on the shelf that you lost interest in right away. This one will keep you busy for awhile and you wont be putting it on the shelf knowing your never gonna touch it again. This is a great book for both the novice and the experienced agent. I would love to go see one of Darryl Davis’s seminars when he is in my area (and that is a big compliment being that I am not a fan of seminars.) Trust me, this one isnt a waste of money.

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