How to protect yourself from blog bullies

Blog slandering, that is the act of criticizing people through blogs, is becoming a common occurrence online by blog bullies. When more than one blog exists within the same niche and targeting the same audience, this blog bullying can increase substantially.

What are blog bullies?

Blog bullies are bloggers who post mean, criticizing or downright rude comments aimed at other bloggers or webmasters. It is called bullying because it is not far removed from the bullying that goes on in a school playground, except it is totally verbal. These virtual bullies gain great pleasure in posting controversial content even if it highly offends someone else.

There is a difference between being an opinionated blogger and being one who is purposefully nasty, a blog bully. In most cases nasty comments are completely uncalled for and often indicate a lack of maturity in the blogger. This can lead to a decline in readership and in the worst cases, a complete boycott by all readers in favor of other bloggers.

Blog bulling can involve

  • – Someone making fun of you
  • – Someone criticizing the way you look by way of photos
  • – Someone posting detracting comments about your personal life
  • – Someone posting private information about you without your permission

The above are all examples of blog bullies. It is easy to be a bully online – nobody can see you, nobody can easily find you and you can taunt people who you would otherwise not say boo at in real life. It makes you wonder how often a 30 year old blogger is being bullied by a 15 year old – something that would not occur too often in the real world.

Blogging can bring forward strong emotions, particularly when controversial topics are on the table. But bulling and posting nasty comments only serves to weaken a blog rather than strengthen it and eventually means that the readership will turn against the writer. After all, bullying has always been thought of as highly immature.

Some blog bullies take it a step further and even bash celebrities and well known people. This can be more than an inconvenience – it can lead to legal trouble. Bloggers should be extra careful when they are thinking of posting derogatory remarks aimed at someone well known as chances are someone will see it and not like it, leading to action.

Blog bullies can also take place in blog comments and be completely the opposite of what the site blogger stands for. In this case comments should be always moderated and distasteful remarks deleted.

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