Info that clients will bookmark

One of the key things that you should think about as a Realtor is how to get your website remembered. I have often dealt with methods to get more traffic but I think that often that traffic is lost forever because the content just is not interesting enough for someone to come back when , either they need it again, or they think it is information that is useful during their home buying or home selling process.

Well I do not think that it is as hard as many people think to get links to your Realtor website or Realtor blog. What you have to write is information that is timely or useful to others not necessarily selling their home now but bookmarkable info that they will look at when they are about to sell.

Remember back in the early 80’s when people would send out newsletters that would include recipes? The recipe was not there to make the person want to sell their house through that Realtor it was just to get the content read and hopefully kept around a bit, a way to give the newsletter shelf life.

Why not have a free association kind of session where you look at what people are looking for when they are thinking about selling their house. What would people bookmark on the way to the months before a listing appointment would take place. What kind of neighborhood info would a buyer look for the week before a call to Realtor.

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