Internet Marketing in 2005

I am looking out at the most popular Realtor websites in my area and I do not like what I see. Where to start? The sites are promoting the Realtors well, they seem to have charities listed on the home page that the Realtor supports and they all have pictures of the Realtor themselves…well most of them do anyway.

What would I like to see instead? Maybe if there was more of a focus on what the services each Realtor offers to potential clients? Or, maybe we could see a little bit less grandstanding and a little more information that would help buyers and sellers in their internet quest for information.

The day of vanity sites for Realtors may not be over but if you take a look at the most productive sites for Realtors, not the ones that are pulling the most but the ones that are converting cutomers, you will likely find what the customer is looking for is included and the sites may even be less pretty.

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