Internet Marketing to your past clients

Everyone thinks that their past clients are a great source for referals but most of the time they are wrong.

Try the following to get more from your past clients:
1. Send a newsletter once a month at least
2. Ethically bribe, make sure that you let people know that you are giving movie tickets or dinner certificates for referrals
3. Take the time to give people info that they have not heard before so that they can use it in conversation. “My Realtor was telling me that Condos are outselling houses this year” or “My Realtor says that Foreclosure and no money down deals are not really around very often, mostly just for selling books and seminars”
4. Personally email any kind of info even non real estate related to individual clients, this makes them feel like you care and are not just trying to drum up business every contact.
5. Regulary send out great deals to past clients and let them know you are looking for a buyer because it will not last more than a day….nothing like a deadline to get people thinking.

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