Is Google going to market more actively to Realtors?

There are a couple of stories today about Google going after the Realtor market to sell adwords to Realtors for everything from personal promotion to advertizing listings. This story must have legs as there is a great market out there for Realtors to take advantage of Google and advertizing. Here are a couple of links.

Of course we have mentioned this before here. Google Adwords for Realtors is the single best way to market and as time goes on it will be more and more crowded as more Realtors take advantage in their own marketplace. I am hoping to have more on this over hte next little while as I perfect a few more market initiatives for Realtors to take advantage of Adwords and even other search engines to make the most of the internet in business. I have been working on a Google Adwords campaign recently in which the Realtor in getting 400 extra hits a month for about $50. As the optimization gets better and better we will be able to create real campaigns that are able to target searches to pages that are exactly what the searcher is looking for, think of this as a nice way to have your own google for your city. As classified advertising is dropping we will find that these kind of Google Adwords campaigns should perform much better than classifieds ever did.

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