Lowering Google AdWords Costs

Google AdWords for Realtors is a real crap shoot it seems with people paying anywhere from $1 per click to $5 per click. But what if I was to tell you that you may be throwing away most of that money and that ther is a better way.

To lower your cost per click you just need to look at the following variables:

Your ad – Make sure that oyu ad is relevent to your customers. The more often that your ad is clicked the more that Google will trust your ad

Your keywords- Everyone wants to rank for Realtor and real estate but there are many more keywords that are much better to rank for with less competition and lower cost.

Your landing page – Making sure that you landing page that you are sending your traffic to is realted to your keyword is critical. The more relevant that it is the better.

When looking at these three variables you can see that making the most of your ad being seen with the right keyword and clicking through giving a relevant page is a lot of work. I would bet that you can cut that $3 – $5 keyword down to 20 – 30 cents per click.

There is one more thing that can help you a lot besides the above three variables and that is the ad groups. If you are writing an ad directed at First Time Buyers then the ad is going to look a lot different than the ad you have going to First Time Buyers or Real Estate Investors so do not bother trying to mix and match instead set up a few ad groups.

Once you have three or four different ad groups then write the Google AdWords ad and then give it keywords and a good landing page, different landing pages for each keyword if possible or necessary and then move on to the next ad group.

There is no shortage to optimizing that you can do with your Google Adwords using the Ad Groups, ads, keywords and landing page quality.

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