Managing Your Email Opt-In List

Mailing list management is the most important thing that you can do to organize and streamline your real estate business. I have mentioned this before but it bears mentioning again that you must join a legitimate auto responder service. There are several reasons that you should join a good auto responder service but the following are the most important.

  • Email gets checked before being delivered

  • Ease of adding of new people and email addresses

  • Optimization of messages so they do not get chucked out as spam

  • Good set up so that messages go when they should. If someone asks to be added to mini course that you offer they get the first message on the first day, second message on the second day third on the third day and so on without you trying to organize this yourself.

  • Ease of use to setup multiple types of mail lists.

The service that I recommend is Aweber. Aweber has been in business for years and most of the top producers in the Internet Marketing arena use their services because of price and quality. A membership with unlimited autoreponder messages is only $19.95 per month.

Enough of the sales pitch.

The main thing to think about is how you are going to organize your mail outs and my recommendation is to look at the types of customers that you have by the following

  • Buyers

  • Sellers

  • Investors

  • Realtors from out of town

After you have set up these lists within your Aweber account then you can have your forms on your website automatically subscribe to within the Aweber account, if you have any problems with this then you should have a web designer…a cheap one hopefully, to set up these forms for you.

The first thing that you are going to do is manually add all of your present customers into the list above that makes sense. There is no reason to have a renter in an investor group usually and you want to avoid having someone in more than one list as they may get duplicate emails when you are sending out to all of your lists on the same day.

I believe right now that the best way to have people sign up for your mailings is to use a “squeeze page”. A squeeze page is a page with no other reason than to get the name and email address of the person and have them added to your emailing list. What you will want is one page for each of the above groups and with your online marketing you can direct the ads to the correct page.

The confirmation page should have a link to your regular website so that people can look through there to get more info on your and your services but I think trying to get there address directly from the pages on your site is a much harder close then having people directed to a specific opt in form.

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