Most Important Question When getting Website Hosting

The most important question when you are looking for the best website host is something that many people do not take into account at all in their choice of a web host. This is the question of technical support.

There are so many web hosts on the internet, it is confusing enough just trying to compare all of their packages. Shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated … which is right for you? This is the big question that most people spend all of their time on. They will look at the different packages and what is offered.

But the truth is that with most web hosting companies this is not so important because upgrading is such a simple matter. Provided you start out with a company that offers one or two levels above what you need right now, you can sign up for the minimum for your current needs and know that all it takes to upgrade is an email to the web host’s support desk. They love customers who upgrade and will usually do everything for you, including transferring your sites to a new server if you are moving from shared hosting.

So the package should not be an issue. The next question that most people consider is cost. OK, this can be important, but is it really going to make a huge difference to you whether you are paying $7.95 or $9.95 per month for shared hosting? How much do you waste in a month on stuff that you don’t really need? A lot more than $2, we guess!

So don’t stress about an extra dollar or two on your web hosting costs. You can almost certainly afford it. It is worth a little extra to get what really matters – excellent technical support.

Technical support is the most important question when you are looking for the best website host because without it, you will almost certainly waste hours of your valuable time unnecessarily. You will struggle to find the solution to problems that good support staff could have answered for you – or even handled for you by going into your site and fixing it.

If you have a commercial website, you could also end up with a situation where you are losing money because your website is offline or not working correctly. In this case you need a response from the support desk that is both fast and helpful, solving the problem rather than just raising more questions.

So how do you find out about a company’s technical support before signing up with them? In many cases, you don’t. Most people sign up on the basis of cost and what is in the package, without even considering support.

You can often get good feedback on a company’s support team if you look at web hosting forums online. However, remember that what you are reading is usually just one person’s experience, and they may have very different needs and expectations than yours.

In a sense, you are always taking a chance when you join a hosting company. For this reason it is best to avoid long contracts. Start out on a monthly plan even if it is more expensive. Then in 6 months, if you are happy with the service, you could consider contacting support and asking to switch to the cheaper annual option. This will allow you to find the best website host from your own experience.

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