New Realtor Marketing Ebook Finished

Well I am finally finished. As many of you know I have been taking a good shot at building a book on internet marketing for Realtors based on my experiences on this blog and although I have been very slow to pull the trigger I have now finally completed my last draft and am ready to put it out to you as a product for sale.

As I hope you know, ebooks are a great way to get structured information across and this book is no different, you will be able to read it on your computer or print it up on any printer.

I have toyed with many subjects to cover in this ebook but finally I settled on a bit of a mix of kind of old school internet marketing that all Realtors should use as well as some of the newer techniques that are not being exploited by Realtors at all in the quest to start and complete the conversation with future and present clients that leads to trust and eventual deals. Here are the subjects that I am covering in this 82 page book.

Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords
Press Releases and articles
And more online vs. offline stuff

While putting together this book I wanted to get the content across as succinctly as possible so the book at 82 pages is full of info with nearly no pictures so it is packed with over 100 tips that you should be able to use right away to build your business.

As you probably have noticed over the last couple of years on this blog, I am very cheap and so to take away any apprehension on your part (come on this is only $29.95 as it is) I am including two bonus ebooks,

The first free bonus book is on list building but is actually advanced strategies using FREE tools. It is really good and a natural bonus to my book.
The second free bonus book is all about how to write great sales letters for the internet. As much as we all know how to write ads there is a real science behind writing successful Sales letters to get you more opt ins as well as position yourself better.

I hope I have taken all the risk out of this purchase for you, but one of the reasons that I am being so generous is so that I can ask you a favor….can I please get some tips from you on how to make my book even better? Or if your really like the book can I ask you for a testimonial?

So please click the buy button now and we can both watch as your business takes off with better marketing methods online then any other Realtor in your market. By the way the “Buy Now” button will take you to Paypal to buy the ebook and access to the bonus ebooks.

Realtor internet marketing book

After you click “Buy now” and pay on Paypal you will be taken to another page where you can download all three ebooks immediately.



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