New Realtor site…again

I have created another website. I know, I seem to be creating more sites than I am posting, but I thought this one would be important.

Often when I am looking for Real estate information I have to go to two different sources, I go to web site and I also go to weblogs and news stories. I have found a system that allows me to do both and although I am not quite finished with it I have created a site that allows me to do both on the same page.

Realtor and Real Estate Articles and Sites is setup so that when you go to a page you get recent news stories at the top and then at the bottom of the page you get the Internets most popular sites for the subject that the page is about. I have never seen a site that does both and although it may need some tweaks it seems to be a great way to bring info to anyone that needs it.

Visit the site when you get a chance:

Realtor and Real Estate Articles and Sites.

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