New Strategies for Google Adwords for Realtors

Well things are still changing with Google Adwords. For Realtors I am still noticing that minimum bid prices are going up and down and we will probably keep seeing this over the next few weeks. So of course try to make sure that you are going into your Adwords campaign and checking to make sure that your best keywords are still active if you are staying near the minimum price.

Another thing that seems to be happening now is that the minimum click through rate of 0.05% is no longer in effect so instead Google will charge Realtors more per click but will still allow you to have a lower performing keyword. Take a look at any keywords that you have had disabled over the last few months and if the price is low enough get them active again. Look especially at keywords Adword keywords searches may not convert at a high percentage but they will still convert

Google will charge you less for your keywords and place them higher if you have the keyword in the headline of your ad. The best way to do this is by using the “Peel and Stick” strategy. The way that this strategy works is to create a second Realtor ad group and within this ad group write an ad that has different keywords in the headline. Now grab keywords that are in the headline and stick them into the new ad group from the old ad group.

I promised that I would try to move on from Adwords in this Realtor weblog so now I am done with Adwords for the next couple weeks, hopefully you have found these few articles informative to you.

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