Optimizing your site for Google

I find that the biggest question that I get from people is “How can I get my site higher in Google?” Well there are many ways to improve your site or weblogs listing and most of it has to do with content. The very best ways to improve your site to Google is to improve it for anyone visiting yoour site. Try looking at your site and doing the following:

  • Add one page of content a week or if it is a blog add one post a day

  • Make sure that the pages or articles are 250-400 words in length

  • Make sure that you are using keywords effectively, If you have a page on using mortgage brokers make sure that term is in your page title, page headline and interspersed many times within the text of the page.

  • Exchange links with other real estate sites across the country and with non realtors in the industry in your city (mortgage brokers, banks, home inspectors…)

I have found a great site that shows all of the factors that make a difference to Google although many of these may seem too much to worry about for the average site.

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