Outsourcing work

I always find that Realtors are some of the worst businesspeople for offloading work. Perhaps it is part of the can do attitude, or the idea that we kind of work in an office, or that the individual commissions are so high that every job has to be done by one person. No matter what the reason it is important that you find the parts of the business that you should offload and quickly get a process in place to outsource.

There are a few reasons that people are resistant to moving out some of the work that they do.

First is that “If I get someone else to do this they may not do a good job”, well no one cares about your business more than you but if you give people guidance and control over a process then they will do a job possibly better than you.

Second excuse is “I can’t afford to outsource” This is the farthest thing from the truth. If you are looking for a way to make money then it is by doing your core competencies, finding buyers and sellers, showing properties, listing appointments, and negotiating deals are you most important jobs and the ones that make you money. You do not outsource these jobs.

So if you are going to agree with me that outsourcing is good for you business, what can you outsource?

Listing packages – share an assistant with some other Realtors to put together any listing presentations.

Booking showings – never do this yourself it is definitely low value work

Flyer and newsletter creation – there is no reason to think that you would be best at this.

Supplies and busywork – this eats up more time than anything. Get an unlicensed assistant to do this.

I have already hinted at how to get this new system to work for you and that is to share and assistant between a few Realtors in the office and to leverage the staff that the office already has. One of the great books that I have read on this is the 4 hour work week where the author, Tim Ferriss goes into detail on what does and does not matter as far as your work goes.

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