Qualities of a great brand

Branding is a concept that large companies use to get the idea of their company impressed upon everyone so that just by looking at the logo or picture that the company brings an emotion will be evoked that will give you a good feeling about that company. In real estate a Realtor Branding Strategy is incredibly important. Think about companies that have branded well; Coca Cola, American Express, Southwest Airlines and you can probably think of many others. Here are some qualities that you should think about in your Realtor Branding.

Be Unique
Does it differentiate you from the other agents in your market? Branding yourself as a seller’s agent won’t cut it—you need to dig a little deeper and find what you do better than anyone else, such as being the “face lift” agent who takes care of any needed repairs and staging.

Does your brand appeal to people? Select a personal attribute or service you provide that consumers can understand and will want.

Whether you use a logo or slogan, make sure consumers can remember it. It doesn’t matter how you brand your business if no one knows it.

You want to portray your business in the best light, but don’t over promise with your branding. If you’re the “30-minute agent” because you return all calls within half an hour, calling after 50 minutes tarnishes your brand.

The best way to create your Realtor Brand is by looking at other markets, surf Realtor sites in other big cities and see what kinds of things about Realtor Branding appeal to you because they are your qualities.

Remember, if you are interested in developing a Realtor Brand then you must look at all facets of your business and pick the strengths that you would like to project.

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