Real Estate Internet Messageboards

One of the most important things that you can do to increase the value of your site to Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines is to make sure that your site is mentioned on as many places as possible on the internet.

The best ways to get your “incoming links” up is to write good content that people think is great to link through there site or weblog, link exchanging and what I would like to bring up today which is messageboards.

There are many messageboards around the internet, actually the number is easily in the thousands and these boards are designed for people to ask and answer questions for the most part. Do a search on your favorite subject with teh word messageboard or forum in the search and see what you find. there are a few things to remember if you are new to messageboards. The first is that you can usually read all posts and get a feel for the board without signing up, but to post you will need to sign up and probably confirm with an email that you are interested in becoming a member, this is to stop people from just putting lots of spam on the messageboard. Secondly after you sign up be sure to be active as the asking and answering of questions if the most important way to keep these places vital and the feel to be more like a community. Third make sure that you website link is listed in your signature every time that you post and be sure not to push your business to hard as it comes across as heavy handed salesmanship instead of the helping that we all perceive that we are doing.

By extension you can learn a lot from real estate messageboards and should sign up for some of those as well. One way to think of this is as having a big meeting about any real estate subject with people asking and answering all of your questions for you. What a great deal this can be.

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