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smallcover.jpgI have been really impressed by one book in particular on Real Estate Marketing For Realtors and it is called “Real Estate Marketing in The Information Age” Here is a quote form the authors website:

I could never understand why people would pay upwards of $35 per lead when you can easily generate qualified and quality leads using the Internet for under a few dollars and more than not, even free!

In my opinion, the Internet is the best place to generate leads. Here’s why:

1,140,009 people a month search for information on real estate on the Internet

Sending an email to 1 lead costs the same as sending an email to 1000 leads, which is next to nothing

Your whole lead generation system can be put on autopilot and costs less then a dinner for 2 once a month

Everyday I get asked the same question, “Why should I bother about putting up a website?” and it’s a good question. You’ve probably heard all the horror stories from friends or work associates about how they got ripped off, or it was a waste of time and money, but your story doesn’t have to be like that.

Inside this book is ALL you need to get started with your own professional website that sucks in leads everyday.

Here is how I see things going.

You’ve got a great real estate agency and business is booming but you want to target a certain group of people who would love your offers, but you do not know how to go about it.

You’ve read about services where you can buy leads from, for up to $35, but you know every man and his dog has the same leads.

So instead of going the same route as everyone else, you decide to give the Internet a shot.

You setup a website and lead system like you’ve been shown throughout “Real estate in the Internet age” and you do everything as shown.

You then leave for the weekend, and when you get back to the office on Monday, you see that you have over 100 leads interested in the properties and or offer you were wanting to get the word out about.

Each of these leads has given you there email address and phone number and they are currently receiving follow up information from you automatically, with the message if they are interested, to call this number.

This system works with any target market. If you want to tap into the FSBO market, you can. Maybe you want to tap into the hud home or first home buyers market. Well with this system you can!

If you are to buy on extra book this year on Real Estate marketing I really encourage you to buy this $47 book.

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