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I promised this a while back but am going to deal with everything you need to know about email with lots of tips over the next week or so.

There are many ways to pick up new email addresses for your Realtor email list. One key thing to remember is opt-ins are good and spam is bad. If someone were to offer you an email list of all of the people in your city for free and you could email them it would still be a bad price. The state of email in this day and age guarantees that if you send out spam you will lose your email privileges and have to find a new web host.

There are many legitimate ways to get new people to opt in to your Real estate email list and receive information from you as a Realtor but first it is a good idea to isolate who you want on your list. In my eyes these are the people that you want on your list:

Area homeowners
Area renters
Area Investors
Out of area Realtors that can supply referrals leads for you
Past Clients

This list may seem to include everyone but notice that it is broken down, and it is broken down for a reason. When you are sending out emails you definitely want to target your emails to people that will be interested in reading the emails. Lets say that I have a new listing that I picked up last night and would like to send it out. In the old days we would have sent a just listed around that area to hopefully find more listings. Now we can target our emails. I would send a just listed letter to homeowners showing them something about the listing that is interesting such as rising values in a particular area. I would send an email to all of my buyers to remind them that the market is active and they better buy before it is too late or in a falling market that they should look in now before rates go up. I can also send the same listing to out of town Realtors to show them how busy I am and how they can trust me with their incoming buyers or outgoing sellers and finally I can send the listing to my past clients to show them that I am a busy guy in case they are ready to make a move again.

The magic of email is that all of the above emails will be slightly different as they are targeting a certain kind of client of mine and they will all have a different reason to open that email so I will have to really customize it for them.

This customization of real estate email address lists will be dealt with as the week goes on as there are many ways to build it and use it.


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