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I am starting a Realtor Newsletter, on the internet these are known as Ezines. The reason that I thought that it would be a good idea to start this is that there are a lot of subjects in internet marketing for Realtors but there is no real start or end. The idea of this newsletter is that I can have starting tips and more advanced tips for each of a few subjects so that not only do you have news like in this weblog but you also have a bi-weekly chance to make sure that you are doing each of the things that you need to do to make your internet marketing complete without any holes that may be allowing some of your prospects to fall through the cracks.

I will be covering the following topics:

social networking

I hope that you find great value in this newsletter. I will be pouring everything I can into it while still trying to keep it short enough to not steal away much of your valuable time.

To sign up for the newsletter you can go to the top left hand corner of any page on the weblog and simply put in your email address.

Please be aware that I will protect your email address as carefully as I guard my own. Also if you find that at some point the newsletter is not what you really need at that point in your career you can simply click an unsubscribe link in the bottom of any of the emails and you will be off the list immediately, no questions asked.

I hope that you find this a great new resource as I am very excited to be starting this new venture and will be focusing as well on any questions that people email me looking for more information.

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