Realtor Marketing Priorities

Realtor Marketing has changed quite a bit over the last few months and because of this I thought it would be a good time to come up with an update on what you’re most important priorities should be right now in the middle of 2006. I put these things as a list and not as a priority list as you yourself should be able to evaluate where your shortcomings are and what the most important things are for you to be working on today in your quest for realtor marketing success.

Website content updates – Most Realtors reading this already have a website but if you set up that website a year or more ago take a look at it again. Look at each page, what is the focus of the text on this page. Each page of your website should be focused on one or two keyword terms MAX. Remember that when a search engine spider looks at a page it has to figure out what the page is about and in Realtor Marketing you will definitely want to make sure that you are more focused than your competition.

Weblog updates – Right now there is no excuse not to have a weblog as a Realtor. Your weblog is a chance to start a relationship with your customers past, present, and future. There is also no shortage of what you can write about. Real estate stats, market conditions, city news, national trends. Remember focus on one thing per post just like the search engines and your readers would like to read it.

Posting to other weblogs – Be a part of the blogosphere. It is important from a link perspective to add comments to other weblogs. And, to get all of the info that you can from other blogs as well as post your own opinions so that the conversation can continue to be vibrant, alive and with perspectives. Heck you can even post hate comments to my ideas and attitudes here if you would like.

Using social bookmarking sites – You may remember just a while back I posted that I had started my own Realtor related social bookmarking site but this is just a targeted site. From a marketing standpoint there is no reason not to be posting up your own links to the myriad of bookmarking sites such as Delicious, Delirious or Simpy just to name a few. Also as you write great articles on your weblog you should post those articles up to Reddit, Digg and Shoutwire.

Writing articles – There is a good reason to write articles and that is for backlinks back to your website that will get you ranking in the search engines. This is how it works: You write a 500 -800 word article about something that is important in real estate and after you have written this you post the article into exinearticles, goarticles and many other article directories. After this article gets published other webmasters will pick up the article and the resource box to post to their site and this will give you another all important backlinks that will give you greatness in the search engines.

Setting up autoresponders – Realtor marketing is a series of processes and this is one of them. I see a lot of people not bothering with this as it is a lot of work initially and let’s face it, we are all busy. The process is this: Get a series of five to eight articles and set up an account with an autoresponder service, put those articles into an autoresponder service and then using a Google Adwords account drive traffic to your site and funnel these people to a webpage where they can subscribe to this series of articles and eventually become your customers. This should take 4 hours to write the articles, 1 hour to set up the Google Adwords campaign, one hour to set up your squeeze / subscribe page and then it is all on autopilot for about $50-$80 per month total.

Setting up newsletters – Another use for your autoresponder service is to send out a newsletter to your past and present clients and this should be sent out monthly and should not take more than an hour to two hours once a month.

These are the most important things I believe at this point on the internet for Realtor Marketing to succeed. Look through the list and if you need more info on one or more of these subjects I would be happy to write more articles that have more depth on the individual items.

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