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Realtor newsletters are very important. I was speaking yesterday to an unnamed Realtor that said that she did not have one hour a month to create an email newsletter. This was a shocking comment to me as I believe that one of the centerpieces to your web presence is to have contact with your clients and the newsletter is still the best way to go.

A Realtor newsletter consists of four parts;

The first part of the Realtor newsletter is the intro where you have a chance to let your clients know what you have been doing lately as well as what the local marketplace is like. Keep shorting tight sentences so that people will remember this and quoting it back to others that they come into contact with. Remember always that people like to be the ones that have info so your clients would always be happy to have info when the water coller talk turns to the local real estate market.

The second part of your Realtor newsletter should be a short article that teaches about something that your clients are interested in. 500 words on buyer agency or a simple concept about buyer investment or retirement planning and real estate would be great here.

The third part of the Realtor newsletter should be a quick question and answer section where you ask and answer three or four questions as if asked by someone. People like to see questions and answers and especially in real estate where there si a lot of questions that people do not understand. Yet.

Lastly in you Realtor newsletter is where you get to sell yourself. Let people know what to do when they see someone in the position to buy and sell. Let them know what to do when they are ready to buy and sell. The day, if there ever was one, that people would just call a Realtor because it is time to sell is over. You have to sell yourself and this last part of the newsletter is where you have earned the right to sell.

To get better ideas of how your newsletter should look you should make sure to subscribe to some out of town Realtor newsletters. and see from a client perspective see what really works and what stands out.

In my next article I will give you some technical tips to make sure that your Realtor newsletter works, gets received, and read.

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