Starting a career in Real Estate

If you are just starting out in real estate sometimes I think it is best to just hide away from every trainer and broker and just decide what is best to do 🙂 of course this would not work as you do not have the knowledge yet to decide what is most important and what your priorities should be. Everyone from the rank beginner to the top producer in your office will have advice about what you should do first and what is most important to get you career started

The trouble with every ones advice sadly, is that they can not very well remember how they felt and what they knew on those first days so they are telling you things that would probably be more useful 6 months or a year from now. What you really need is a transition plan from where you are today, just after taking your real estate course and test to a time a year from now when you will be actively working with buyers and sellers and have a working and established sales funnel that you are putting these buyers and sellers through.

I have just found a good book that will help you through these first few months of real estate and teach you these first few things that you will need to know now that will stick with you as your career moves forward.

One of the big problems out there is that I have always had an easy time finding tapes and videos but I have not seen many good real estate specific sales books. Becoming a Real Estate Agent changes this. Starting with the sales page for the book there is a great 5 part mini course on starting in real estate which is a great intro to letting you see the power of auto responders but otherwise teaches you a few things for free.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent also teaches you all of the basics that you will want to know. The book deals with:

How to get started getting clients from the Internet
How to find a buyer or sellers desire to act
Tips to help the sales process along
Professional sales techniques
How to organize your real estate business working from home
..and lots more stuff

Becoming a Real Estate Agent is really a great book that hits all of the basics and even better lets you know what you should be doing in these first few weeks and months so that you aren’t stuck spinning your wheels doing the things that do not pay off and making sure that all of your hours are spent doing high return task that will make you money today as well as getting you started in building tomorrow’s business at the same time.

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