The Realtor’s Auto-Pilot Guide to Short Sale Success (Kindle Edition)

The Realtor's Auto-Pilot Guide to Short Sale Success

How to Make Over $15,000 a Month Part-Time, as a Real Estate Agent In The Middle Of a Down Market(While Other Agents Are Dropping Like Flies From This Business or Just Barely Scraping By!)

We have created the easiest & most complete, step by step guide to Short Sale $UCCE$$ in today’s real estate market. It’s everything you need to know to make HUGE COMMISSIONS with Short Sales.

Simply the easiest & most automated way for Agents like you, to get more listings, close more sales and collect higher commissions, over and over again, even in todays down market!

The Manual gives you all the details on how to properly execute a Short Sale from A to Z. It also covers my laser target prospecting techniques that have allowed me to generate over 59 listings in a 6 month period.

Inside you’ll find all the information you need to succeed:Chapter 1 is an overview of Prospecting for Short Sales. It covers everything from find a qualified Short Sale candidate to getting the listing & mar (more…)

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