The subject line of your Email message

Finally we get to the emails themselves. There are three parts to your email; the subject, the body and the PS section of the email.

First the subject. The subject line is critical to getting your message read. Think about all of the emails that you get and how the subject is the only thing that differentiates whether an email gets read or not. I was listening to an online seminar today where an extremely successful copywriter said that just by putting a persons name in the subject increases response rates by 30%. The next thing to remember is not to look spammy in the subject. The subject is as important as it gets and you don’t want your subject line to look like the Viagra message that is the next in the mailbox of your customer.

There is a couple of things that you should always do in the subject of an email and the first is use action words. Words in the email subject such as Act, Read, doing, kicking…I think you get the picture. Also a call to action is important but don’t over do it. I had one person send me an email today where the email subject simply said Unbelievable! Now that may work once but never twice so think about what your customer will think when you send the email. Next remember that you have a relationship with the customer so if your can have a good system with your emails the subject will stand out and the customer will know that it is your email. The one that I get and notice starts with: [NPT] now with the big square brackets with a small acronym in between you always notice the subject and when we get into the body of the email you will see why this email always gets opened.

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