Tight Calgary Real Estate market

Up here the Calgary real estate market is really tight, this is probably true at this time of year in many parts of North America. There are next to no listings right now and the listings as soon as they come up are sold in a day with multiple offers. My wife and I were talking last night about how a Calgary Realtor can sell themselves as necessary in this kind of market as right now all Calgary home sellers are sure that they can sell their own house either has a for slae by owner or with a company like We List.

Here is the spin that a Calgary Realtor can use or for that matter anyone in a sellers market:

A realtor can get a house on MLS and this will expose your home to 3,000 other Calgary Realtors working with many buyers waiting to find homes coming on the market. With this kind of pent up demand you have to be sure that someone is in your corner and able to negotiate to push up the price as well as let you know where the market is today, not yesterday which will cost you money or where the market will be tomorrow which will make you home overpriced and stale even in this busy market.

The other end of the home buying process here in Calgary is trying to find a home. A Calgary Realtor is the best person to help you find a home because if a home comes on the market this morning you will need to make an offer tonight. If you do not know about the home until tomorrow it will have already been sold and you did not even have a chance to know about it. The other issue is that a Realtor can put safeguards into place so that once you have bought a home there is very little chance of the deal falling though and having you lose the home.

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