Updates to Realtor Internet Marketing Book

First I want to thank everyone for their support and comments. I have been very excited about the reception of my Realtor internet marketing book. I wanted to though answer a few questions and let you know about an update to the book.

Yes I know there are no pictures. I was so concerned with making the book a realistic length that I dove into copy and did not add any pictures. What I will be working on though over the next few weeks is a kind of flow chart that will pull together all of the concepts and make a nice big map to let you know where you are.

A couple of people had said that they would like to see a little bit more about Realtor Social Networking. The free bonus ebook that I am including talks about My Space and how to use those kinds of sites but I have just written in a new small chapter on how best to get traffic from sites like Reddit, Digg and Stumbleupon. Sorry I should have included that in the first place but I will now be sending the updated copy of the book to everyone tht already ordered. I will be doing the same going forward as I do nay updates I will email a new copy of the book with the changes listed in the email.

Other than that I again just wanted to thank everyone for their orders and am very excited to see the results as people put these proven internet marketing concepts into action for their Real Estate businesses

Oh, one more thing. Even though I am selling this book right now through Paypal you still have the option there to pay by any credit card…and the price of course is $29.95

Realtor internet marketing book

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