Using Article Marketing to Get Leads

How can you become truly effective with Article Marketing? Do you think it’s only about the writing and that by consistently writing (practice, practice, practice!) you’ll get to the level you desire? The actual writing is certainly essential, yet without a formatted strategy, a form of palette to lay the foundation before you begin, you may just be spinning your wheels. The purpose herein is to provide an outline of the process, your starting point before you ever write the first words of each and every article.

Research before Writing is Key

This strategy may seem backwards at first, but it’s always important to do your homework from the outset. As with any form of effective marketing, the first step is to define your target market. The more specific you can be, the more your readers who find your articles will be able to relate and the more likely they will acquiesce to your efforts. You can try to find people like you or you can target people looking for something in particular, a solution to their problems.

Start with a list of questions to ask yourself so you can begin to narrow down your target audience. What type of problems are they facing that you can specifically provide solutions for? What do they do for their career? What are their dreams? Can you narrow down their viewpoints, opinions and values? What are their priorities? What are their strengths or weaknesses? What do they like (or not like) to do? Are they adventurous or do they like things the same? Come up with some questions of your own. You get the idea.

Write What Your Buyers Are Looking For

Figure out your most effective keyword(s). (See one of my articles on Keyword Research: “Google Free Keyword Tool” or “Use Effective Keyword Tools To Boost Your Internet Marketing Efforts And Results”). Now you’re ready to choose your topic. Be sure to include your keyword phrase in your article title. It’s fine to narrow down or choose a topic first, but it is necessary to go through these steps before you begin writing, especially if marketing is your goal. If you are writing simply for the pure enjoyment, then just write away. Helping people solve their problems via the content of your articles is a great way to get people to actually read them. By following these guidelines, you can begin to build trust via attraction marketing. Always be sincere in your efforts. Do your research to make sure that the value you are attempting to share is valid.

Now, here’s a quick overview for the writing portion of your articles. It’s important to allot daily time to your articles. Write an outline listing the main points you want to convey in your articles. Each point should have three to five backup sentences as examples, proof or fortification.

Setup Your Article To Keep Them Reading

Your introduction paragraph needs to succinctly tell your audience what you are going to tell them. The next few sentences should sum up your message. Your closing paragraph needs to summarize what you’ve communicated in your article body. Be aware that using questions as titles can get people’s brains working and create a desire to find out more. The amazing part is that when a question is not answered, people (here, your target audience) are compelled to find out the answer. This could well mean they will read your article to get educated and very possibly click through to your personal website. Ah, the marketing cycle is now complete!

It is important to remember to stay away from sales pitches as people will avoid them like the plague. Solving problems, serving people is the best approach. By providing true, valued content, your readers will be more apt to want to hear more and learn more about you. A simple suggestion that has helped me is as you learn, write about what you have learned (after you’ve applied it to make sure it works) to help others just like you. To submit your articles for publishing, there are several online sites including: EzineArticles, GoArticles, Amazines, and ArticlesBase.

Write with Daily Consistency

In summary, put a daily allotment of time for your article marketing in your time management program (yes, even if this is your day-timer!), and sit down and get to it.

Good luck and remember to develop and nurture your Millionaire Mindset and to always keep your “WHY” in mind and in sight!

I became an Internet Marketing Mentor and Coach because I wanted to make a difference. Not for any single cause, rather for individuals anywhere in the world who need and want to change and improve their lives.

There is so much information available, it can really be confusing as to where to begin or figure out where to go next. By freely sharing specific information with people who need it, I have every hope to begin to make even a small difference. I hope this information was helpful for you. (Please let me know on my author site, see below).

Reach out and help someone today. Make a difference in the world.

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